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About Our Programs and Events

One of the most important functions of Santa Fe Neighbors is to keep us socially connected. Research has demonstrated that isolation is a significant problem in aging. People who are isolated have less confidence, a diminished sense of well-being, and poorer health outcomes. In contrast, belonging to a Village and being involved and connected with others offers health benefits equal to that of giving up smoking!  

SFN will be constantly seeking out and making available a variety of programs, activities and social events for our members. To find out about them, check our List of Events and Events Calendar on the website and sign up.  We will also send emails to let members know of upcoming special events so that there is time to plan ahead.  

To be responsive to members' needs and wants, we urge you to let us know what types of programming and events you would like. Even better, help us with the organizing and planning!  Here are some of the types of activites we will be offering:

  • Cultural Arts: With Santa Fe's wealth of cultural opportunities and venues, we can offer a wide variety of experiences year round, including docent tours of museum exhibits, guided gallery talks, opera, symphony and chamber concerts, live music and dance, trips to the theatre, to film festivals, to Indian, Folk Art, Spanish, and Markets. Transportation will be organized in accordance with the number of attendees and the venue. Discounted tickets will be negotiated where possible. 
  • Educational Opportunities:  Members will enjoy discussions, lectures and workshops with local professionals and writers about a range of topics including local history, world events, the environment, media, technology, social justice, culture, and the arts.
  • Wellness Programs: These programs, workshops and classes – also with local professionals – will focus on strategies for aging, navigating the health care system, keeping our bodies and our brains fit and active, end of life issues, caretaking, partnering, and coping wih a changng world.
  • Interest Groups:  When members have a special interest, SFN can facilitate organizing a group of like-minded individuals who may be interested in activites such as a Book Club, a Language or Conversation Group, a Bridge, Mahjongg or Chess Club, a Travel or a Walking Group.  Just let us know.
  • Social Events: On a regular basis SFN will host or assist members in organizing Informal Lunch groups, Neighbrhood Pot Lucks, Picnics, Home or Restaurant Dinners Parties, Movie Outings and Celebrity Chef Dinners.
  • Local Excursions: Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico are rich in history, geography, culture and beauty. So that members may fully enjoy this wonderful place we call home, SFN will arrange excursions to historic, geographic and scenic sites, as well as plan trips to explore other communities, pueblos, and clutural events.....even shopping.  Just let us know what you would like to see and do.