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Membership Information

Criteria for Membership

  • You must be 55 years of age or older and reside in the service area of the city of Santa Fe or Santa Fe County
  • You must be responsible for and capable of making key decisions about your own life
  • You must live in a residence that presents no known threats to health or safety
  • You must be self-sufficient in meeting personal care needs, either through self care or arrangements with a personal caregiver
  • If wheelchair bound, you must be able to transfer yourself from the wheelchair to other seating such as a vehicle etc., without the assistance of a Santa Fe Neighbors volunteer
  • You must have a current medical coverage/plan in place including a relationship with a medical provider (doctor/clinic/neighborhood health facility)
  • You must be willing to provide advance contact information of family, friend or other person(s) that Santa Fe Neighbors is permitted to contact in case of emergency

Membership Levels

Full Service Memberships, Individual and Household:

    Individual (1 person over age 55): $300/year or $82 /qtrly
    Household (up to 3 persons over age 55 in same household): $450/year or $123 /qtrly
  •      Receive delivery of all volunteer services
  •      Participation in all social, educational and cultural activities
  •      Access to comprehensive resource lists

Social (Associate) Memberships, Individual and Household:

    Individual (1 person over age 55): $200/year or $55 /qtrly
    Household (up to 3 persons over age 55 in same household): $250/year or $62 / qtrly
  •      Participation in all social, educational adn cultural activities
  •      Access to comprehensive resource lists
  •      Social members are not eligible to receive volunteer services

Sustaining Membership:  Individual or Household:  1 year:  $850 / 2 years:  $1,500

  • An opportunity to invest in the future of Santa Fe and help build an organzation that will improve the lives of many others in our community
  • Includes a Full Service or Social Membership for an individual or household

Subsidized Memberships:

As an inclusive community, we are committed to providing opportunities for membership to people of all means. If you require assistance,please call us to discuss your needs.


All members are encouraged to volunteer and proide services to other members. Volunteers may join at any age.


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