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Member Services & Benefits

How Santa Fe Neighbors Can Help You Age at Home and Stay Connected

  • TRANSPORTATION: In addition to making deliveries and running errands for members, our volunteer provide rides for medical, dental and veterinary appointments, grocery shopping, errands, haircuts, classes cultural events, social gatherings, movie nights, lunch dates, meetings and more. we try to fulfill whatever requests our members make.
  • LIGHT HOME MAINTENANCE AND MANAGEMENT:   Volunteers help with simple home maintenance when a professional is not needed.  We can change lightbulbs and furnace filters, plant tomatoes, take out the trash, shovel the walk, oil a squeaky doors, fix a simple meal, walk a dog, organize papers, set up schedules and and fill out insurance forms.  Again, we try and  fulfilll whatever requests our members make.
  • TECH SUPPORT: Volunteers with digital expertise can help you with your computer, tablet or smart phone so you can tweet text, skype and facetime. 
  • COMPREHENSIVE RESOURCE LISTS: When you require a service that is more than a volunteer can provide, we assist members in finding local professionals. The providers on our resource lists are either recommended by SFN members and volunteers, or both recommended and screened. .
  • SOCIAL OPPORTUNITIES:  One of the most important functions of Santa Fe Neighbors is to keep us socially connected.  Research on older adults has demonstrated that isolation negatively effects self-confidence, well-being and health. Since all of us are different in our desires for interaction, SFN offers a variety of activities designed to keep us physically active and socially engaged. We offer small group outings to movies, museums, concerts, the opera, and gallery exhibits.  We are planning educational lectures, fitness classes, Santa Fe Walks and discussion groups, and will initiate informal social gatherings including dinners out, casual lunches and opportunities to listen to live music or meet fellow SFN members. We urge our members to tell us what activities they would like and we will do everything we can to make it happen.  
Plan for Tomorrow.  Live for Today.                                           Support when and where you need it.




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