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Volunteer Program

Do you have skills you would like put to good use? The people who volunteer with Santa Fe Neighbors experience the satisfaction that comes with using their skills and talents to make our world a better place.  

Volunteers are the cornerstone of Santa Fe Neighbors. By drawing on the untapped capacity of people in our communities to support each other, volunteering with Santa Fe Neighbors not only offers each of us meaningful ways to make a positive difference in people's lives, it supports our neighbors and creates new friendships. 

To ensure comfort and assurance for those receiving services, we vet our volunteers. A background check of public records is done for each volunteer, and all volunteers who drive must be licensed and insured.

Why Volunteer?

  • You stay active – physically, mentally and socially
  • You make a real difference in improving the qualtiy of others' lives
  • You get to know more neighbors and make new friends
  • You 'pay it forward', knowing that some day you may also need support
  • Your sense of well-being will be enhanced by volunteering (substantiated by recent medical research)

Who Can Volunteer? 

Village members, their families, children and grandchildren, students, empty nesters and retirees. There's something for everyone. You can volunteer as an individual, as a family or as group, on your own time and in your own neighborhood. 

How Does it Work?

Our system is very flexible. Volunteers can choose what services they want to offer, and when and where they want to offer them without being locked into a fixed schedule. When a request comes in for a service, everyone who volunteered to perform that particular type of service receives an email alert.  If you can do it, you respond yes. 

What Can You Do?

  • Be a friend – read, visit, call to say "hi"
  • Change a light bulb, take out the trash
  • Water plants, plant some tomatoes, dead head some flowers
  • Walk a dog, feed a cat
  • Drive someone to an appointment or meeting
  • Pick up groceries or take someone shopping
  • Prepare a light meal
  • Help with simple home repairs 
  • Clear away snow, turn on a drip system
  • Teach someone how to text, tweet, Skype or Facetime
  • Help Santa Fe Neighbors with administrative tasks, events, or community outreach
  • ...And so much more!

Our seniors need your help! Can you commit to a few hours once or twice a month?

Join us and Make a Difference!


Download the Volunteer Application (PDF)